The Horror Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

What is SHC? : Well, Spontaneous Human Combustion or SHC is a strange and mysterious phenomenon where a person’s body bursts into flames from an internally-induced chemical reaction, without being externally ignited by any heat source. Although, at the first instance, this unnatural phenomenon may sound totally vague and unrealistic. But, in reality, they were a few reported cases where the victim’s body turned into ashes by SHC.

According to the reliable statistics, SHC is often referred to as “death caused by an internally-induced fire that is not originally ignited by the external heat / fire source”. Due to the chemical reactions (that may occur inside a human body), the fire will be automatically induced and burn the victim’s body into ashes. In general, the fire induced during the process of SHC is self-limiting; it never seems to get spread outside. Once the fire completely engulfs the victim’s body and turns it into ashes, the fire is mysteriously disappeared.

Examples of SHC: Can a human being spontaneously burst into a ball of fire? Well, the instances of SHC prove that a human body can suddenly, unexpectedly, & inexplicably burst into flames. As an example, a 92-year-old physician (Dr. Bentley) was found burned in his Pennsylvania house. The interesting part observed during the investigation process is that only his leg & slippered foot were discovered. The other portions of his body were completely burned to ashes. Furthermore, it also proved that Dr. Bentley’s body caught fire automatically as there were no apparent sources of flame and spark.

Apart from the aforementioned example, several hundreds of such incidents had been reported that were labeled as SHC or spontaneous human combustion.

A Closer Look: What could be the possible sources of ignition for SHC? How can people suddenly catch fire and burst into flames? Initially, the reason behind SHC was considered to be God’s wrath. During the 1970s, it was stated that “the victim’s depressive emotional states” might have caused this mysterious phenomenon. Other have claimed that the cosmic storms, sunspots, or a gas-producing harmful intestinal bacteria might have buildup “vibrational energy” that resulted in a “spontaneous human combustion”.

Yet all of the abovementioned explanations are absolutely pseudoscientific as there is no significant evidence. That’s why SHC has still remained an unsolved, unexplained, and untouched mystery.