An Overly Hot Computer is A Fire Hazard

Computer fires are not a common occurrence these days — but they do still happen. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way when my hot computer caught fire, burned down half of my home, and burned me bad enough to require surgery on my face. Here’s my story…

On the day 27th august the year 2015, the PC that I was using went on fire when playing soccer league. Despite the fact that this computer had issues on its PC was totally clear to me even after using for sometimes especially when I needed something excellent.

After noticing that it was on fire, my first thought was to run and get some water — but then I remembered that that would be a bad idea… This could be an electrical fire and throwing water on it could kill.. The fire quickly got out of hand and engulfed the entire upstairs. I was trying to put it out by throwing various things on top of it but it got too bad. I had to call 911. By the time they came the entire second floor was aflame. I didn’t notice it at the time but my face got badly burned…

Today’s computer PCs are especially geared toward those people who love to play games that need high processor PCs. It was DVD Drive and Not Processor or CPU after using it some for a short duration. I was shocked that most of the CPUs that I had used in the past were working excellently especially when I needed something that was operating in the best way. However I did not pay attention to how hot my machine was getting. And I think that’s what my mistake was ultimately.

I would advise people who would love to play games never to buy cheap SATA power cables, since they often have massive defects especially when playing games that overwork the CPUs. Mine was caused by a given SATA to a Molex adapter, so I will never do the same thing again. In additional, one should ensure that he or she keeps his or her PC dusted/clean by ensuring that debris does not collect on the grilles/heatsinks/ fans and everything that might cool itself efficiently, at the same time using a quality power supply.

I saw that the problem was with the DVD-drive cables that was working as a given field computer repair technician (especially in HP desktops, or the DVD/cable). I my life, I had never seen such kinds of fire perpetuate high though. I knew that fires were extremely rare, which makes it very hard especially those who had been able to understand the operations in one way or the other. When I asked the expert, I was told that similar effects were common with Wi-Fi cards, DVD drive cables and LCD after working for some hours running together.

In many cases, it might also affect motherboard, processor, graphics card and mechanical HDD, which will always make them all dead. I would never choose such kind of CPUs especially when I know that I would be using computer on playing games.

Some people who are mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins can have their hardware overheat extremely quickly. Here’s a thread where one person is talking about just how hot their machine gets.

So, it is important for you to know the kind of computer CPUs that you’re buying with an aim of preventing such kind of fires from taking place especially when using them! Stay safe.