4 Reasons to Choose Firefox Over Chrome

A research in 2015 reported that Chrome is the most dominant web browser on all desktops, with approximately 56% of the market share. However, many still say that this is not the best choice of a browser and the only advantage over Firefox is its syncing ability in respect of various devices.

If you are not a fan of this sync stuff like me, you should definitely choose Firefox as a much better browsing option. Here are five reasons why you should choose it over Chrome.

Chrome has Detrimental Effects on Your PC

If you use Chrome to browse the web, you are using a resource hog. Even though the company promised it will look into this matter, Chrome still has many issues that concern people. For example, your battery life would not be at its best when using this browser.

Firefox has Many Exclusive Add-Ons

Of course, Chrome is full of extensions, but the fact is, Firefox has much more add-ons that are exclusive to this browser only. If you choose Firefox, you can enjoy the opportunity of using many extensions that Chrome does not have.

The Side Scroll User Interface

The Firefox browser has a side scroll user interface that helps you scroll easily, which is not something that you get with Chrome. Additionally, this browser has a separate search box where you can choose to look for something from various search engines, including Bing.

Firefox Has an Inbuilt Reader Mode

Chrome does not have one, while Firefox, as well as Safari and Microsoft Edge do. This mode allows you to remove all ads from the website, and we all know how annoying ads can be.

If you were looking for your best option in terms of a browser, Firefox is surely the best one for your needs.